Educational Material


Tree & Plant ID: Tools for identifying the vegetation on your property.

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   Welcome to the PLANTS Database | USDA PLANTS
Information about plants in the US.
   Wisflora: Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Wisconsin
A searchable site of Wisconsin's plants, including photos and other data.
   Winter Tree ID
A photographic field guide that can be used for trees and shrubs that occur in Wisconsin.
   UP Tree ID Key
A tree identification key that can be used for trees that occur in Wisconsin.
  Tree Encyclopedia
Over 450 tree species with large diagnostic photos, detailed botanical and landscape information.

Forest Management Information: Management guidelines, forest conservation, and sensitive species information.

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   Ontario's Forest Management Guides
The southeastern part of Ontario has forest conditions similar to those of northeast Wisconsin. Ontario produces excellent management guidelines.
   A Landowner's Guide to Building Forest Access Roads
   USFS Silvics of North America
Provides details on the habitat and life histories of the trees of North America.
   ConserveOnline - Private Forests
A site maintained by The Nature Conservancy allowing users to find or share information relevant to conservation science and practice.
   NatureServe Explorer: An Online Encyclopedia of Life.
A very useful "authoritative source for information on more than 70,000 plants, animals, and ecosystems of the United States and Canada. Explorer includes particularly in-depth coverage for rare and endangered species."
  USFS Forest Inventory and Analysis National Program
Provides detailed data on forests at the state and national levels.
   USDA Forest Service Forest Health Protection
A good information source about insects and diseases affecting forests.
  Wisconsin Woodland Owner Education
A site designed by UW-Extension to assist Wisconsin private woodlot owners with managing their property.
  WDNR - Division of Forestry
   Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin
Information presented at this site is taken from "The Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin", a WDNR handbook.
   Invasive Species - Wisconsin
Describes invasive plant and animal species in Wisconsin and methods of controlling them.
  Water Quality, Best Management Practices Field Manual
Provides methods to protect water quality during forest management activities.
   WDNR Siliviculture Handbook
Contains silvicultural prescriptions for the forest types in Wisconsin. Landowners enrolled in MFL and Cooperating Foresters adhere to this handbook.

Mapping and Air Photos: Sources for mapping data and aerial photos for your land.

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   Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office (SCO)
Provides a wide variety of maps and images for Wisconsin.
   NOAA's Magnetic Declination Calculator
Magnetic north changes over time. Make sure your compass leads you to the right place by checking the declination for your area.
   WisconsinView Data
Aerial and satellite photography.
   Waupaca County GIS Mapping Access
Find property lines with photo overlays and a variety of other mapping information for your property.
   Shawano County GIS
Find property lines with photo overlays and a variety of other mapping information for your property.
   Oconto County GIS Web Portal
Find property lines with photo overlays and a variety of other mapping information for your property.
   Langlade County GIS
Find property lines with photo overlays and a variety of other mapping information for your property.
   NRCS Web Soil Survey
Find soil maps and data for your property.
   Wisconsin DNR Surface Water Data Viewer
Fins iInformation about the waters in and around your property and how these waters are classified.
   Wisconsin DNR WebView
Mapping information for a wide variety of characteristics on your property.
  Wisconsin Historic Aerial Image Finder
Review air photos from 1937-41 to see conditions on your land in that time.

Organizations: Organizations promoting sound forest management and specializing in natural resource education.

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   Pinchot Institute for Conservation
A conservation policy organization.
   Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative
A University of Minnesota organization providing training sessions on a wide variety of topics.
  Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association
THE Wisconsin organization for provided information to private landowners and for advocating their interests.
  Wisconsin Wetlands Association
Working to preserve Wisconsin's wetland heritage.
  The Nature Conservancy
Practicing conservation by design.
  National Timber Tax Website
Find tax information specifically regarding forest management.
   Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin
Identication and control of invasive species in Wisconsin.
  Forest Guild
A professional organization committed to sustaining forests using ethical management.

FSC Certification:  The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that promotes responsible stewardship of the world’s forests.

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   Rainforest Alliance™ Certification and Verification
A program of the Rainforest Alliance working as a certifying body under FCS Principles throughout the US and the world.
   The Forest Stewardship Council - US
The US chapter of the FSC.
   The Forest Stewardship Council
The organization responsible for setting international standards for responsible forest management.