Timber Harvests

In a well-managed forest, timber harvests are not done simply to generate revenue. In these forests, trees are harvested as part of a long-term, forest-wide plan. Cutting a tree that has taken decades to develop will affect the forest for decades into the future. Decisions on which trees to harvest should not be based on short-term objectives. 

Deciding which tree to harvest involves an integration of economic and ecologic factors. It is as important which trees are remaining as which trees are taken. When a tree is marked, consideration is given not only to the economic value of that tree today, but to what will happen in the future to the remaining trees and to the forest as a whole. Simply picking out economically valuable trees without regard for future forest development is not  forestry.

Unfortunately, as you travel the landscape, not all timber cutting that you see is forest management. It is often "timber mining" where all of the economic value is extracted from the forest without consideration for the forest as a whole, the forest's future development, or for maintaining the capacity of the forest for self-renewal.

Sustainable forestry involves time lines beyond the typical ownership of any one landowner and ethical forestry requires us to plan for landowners succeeding the current ownership. In many cases, sustainability, both economic and ecologic, can be maintained in the wide middle ground of sound forest management. Sustainability is not possible when a landowner attempts to maximize their short-term economic return without protecting the forest's ability to be functional, ecologically and economically, into the future. As forest stewards, foresters and landowners need to take the long view.

Wolf River Forestry combines knowledge of forest ecology with long experience in forest management to provide landowners with sound technical assistance. We have worked on a wide array of individual and multi-owner properties and are experienced in addressing the concerns of all participants in the harvesting process. Before any work is done, we will discuss recommended management practices and the aesthetic, ecological, and financial outcomes with you. Fieldwork will commence only when you are comfortable with the harvest plan. We will mark the harvest areas for you and ensure that you are satisfied with the marking prior to harvest. We will help select conscientious, experienced logging contractors with ethical business practices who care about your forest. We will continue to work with you until you are fully satisfied with the harvesting operation. 

When conducting timber harvests, our fees are based on the cost of providing services. We avoid conflicts of interest by not basing our fees on the value of the harvested timber. We are independent of industrial mills.

Wolf River Forestry works to meet your goals and the needs of your forest.

Click here to view a PDF on managing your forest and conducting timber harvests. Note: This file is 8MB and may take a minute to download depending on your connection.